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Affiliate program software

Utilize the best affiliate software available on the market to start your affiliate program. You can trial Post Affiliate Pro for 14 days for free in just a few minutes. Keep track of your campaigns easily and keep your focus on your business. We can integrate your existing e-commerce website with Post Affiliate Pro.

What is affiliate program software?

Affiliate program software is software that provides tracking and reporting for commission-triggering actions, such as sales, registrations, and clicks from affiliate links. Post Affiliate Pro was built to be scaleable and grow with your business.

Enjoy the affiliate software without limits

Post Affiliate Pro has awesome features such as the map overlay report that will show you in which countries your affiliate programs are more successful or vice versa. By using reports with metrics like geotargeting, you will not waste time searching for leads.

Powerful and feature rich software

To power your affiliate program, Post Affiliate Pro uses top-of-the-line affiliate tracking software. You get so many features in this bundle, such as a powerful tracking system, different types of commission methods, promotional materials, and comprehensive reports. To make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible, a wide range of features are available. Easy-to-deploy, intuitive, and scalable, Post Affiliate Pro is the right solution for your business.

Meet Post Affiliate Pro – your ultimate affiliate program solution

Our intuitive dashboard has customizable automation possibilities, detailed reports.




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